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Title: Accidentally in Love Genre: Boys Love (BL) / Shounen-ai Please read from LEFT to RIGHT ^^ Synopsis: Miki Raquel (19 yrs old) a 3rd year university student from Science Department had never been in love ever since his first heartbreak and first love. He never tried to open up to anyone, until he met Ren. How does Ren affects Miki's perception on love? Can Ren cure him? XD kufufufufu~ *omg i sucked at making teh synopsis* anyways la^^ i hope u enjoy it ^o^/

August 6th, 2011, 2:21 pm

Delays~ I'm sorry -bowshead-


I'm so sorry >w<

My Classmate decided to help me in this webcomic ^^
so apparently there would be a big change on story and plot~ :3
Me and my co-author (my wonderful classmate)
been trying to fix Chapter 1-4 of the webcomic.
After finishing contexts *names/plot*
~ I'll resume on drawing
this webcomic again :3 I'm sarreh...
We've been avoiding some misunderstanding
around readers so we've been editting it over and
over again ^^

Upcoming updates are up to next week (I hope I make it in time)

Thank you very much^^

Again thank you for 200+ likers :>
i wuff chu all :D

:hugs all:

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