August 6th, 2011, 2:21 pm

Delays~ I'm sorry -bowshead-


I'm so sorry >w<

My Classmate decided to help me in this webcomic ^^
so apparently there would be a big change on story and plot~ :3
Me and my co-author (my wonderful classmate)
been trying to fix Chapter 1-4 of the webcomic.
After finishing contexts *names/plot*
~ I'll resume on drawing
this webcomic again :3 I'm sarreh...
We've been avoiding some misunderstanding
around readers so we've been editting it over and
over again ^^

Upcoming updates are up to next week (I hope I make it in time)

Thank you very much^^

Again thank you for 200+ likers :>
i wuff chu all :D

:hugs all:

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